Güray Attila

Güray Attila

Ms. Güray Attila is our english-speaking patient advisor for Doctor Murude Cakartas Dagdelen and takes care of all patients from our fertility centre in northern cyprus who would like to advise and accompany her in English.

Ms. Güray has been living in northern cyprus for 15 years. She will answer all your questions competently and patiently and will accompany you in writing and by phone during the entire pre-treatment. If you have your appointments in the clinic you will be there by Ms. Güray welcoms you and will accompany you with every treatment and discuss the precedures and everything else with you.

This support nor only includes the smooth organization and translation, but also gives you mental and moral support because Ms. Güray Attila always has an open ear for your questions, concerns and doubts. Our patients are always very grateful for their warm and positive maner. This work is more a calling than a job for Ms. Güray.

She improved her self with the trainings she received on IVF and many seminars I attended. She have been working with Dr Mürüde Çakartaş Dağdelen for 2 years. When you apply to Cyprus IVF Center, we welcome you with love and understanding. Our duty here is to provide you with the treatment you want from the moment you apply to us. After the evaluation of the damsel, it is to prepare the appropriate protocol and start your treatment with continuous contact. We serve you with our experienced team, equipped state-of-the-art technology devices so that you do not feel foreignness and be comfortable in this road we go together. It is our goal to achieve successful results in our treatment by keeping your morale and motivation high, our esteemed patients.

When you decide to start your treatment, after evaluating the results of the desired tests, your appropriate medication planning is made and the medicines you need to use are prescribed. We guide you in the use of these medicines and help you take them correctly. If you have any question, you can call and get information 24/7. If you prefer our Travel packages, which are available outside of your treatment, we give you the opportunity to choose 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotel accommodation. (hotel accommodation – arrival, return flight ticket). When you come to Cyprus, our colleagues meet you at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Our colleagues who work in the same way on your designated treatment days provide you the transfer to our hospital for your treatment safely. We are always ready to work with devotion with all our experienced staff to create a peaceful environment where you can be comfortable by talking and discussing these detailed and progressive treatment processes together and in the best way. Never worry about getting pessimistic and having children. Even if you have advanced age, menopausal status, it is sufficient to apply to us. We are ready to hope for your future by serving you in the best way. It is our hope to live this beautiful feeling with you at every step while laying the foundation of your dream family together.

Homepage: https://www.cyprusivfcentre.co.uk/

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positions: English Patient Coordinator
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