Cyprus Embryo Donation

cyprus embryo donation

Embriyo Donation and Transfer

Embryo donation (embryo transfer) is a method proposed for couples of which the woman could not get pregnant with her own eggs and the male has been diagnosed by a designated reason that they can only have a child with sperm donation.

In this operation, the sperm obtained from sperm bank, which all screen tests are completed and its compatibility with couple’s physical characteristics has been approved, will be processed and acquired embryo will be transferred into woman. Success rate is approximately 75 percent.

Egg and sperm taken from another person or sperm banks, will be fertilized, developed and transfer into expectant mother. For this process, suitable donors are selected in the same way as egg and sperm transfer.

Before embryo donation, an interview about medical reason and details of this process should be realized as in other donation applications. If couples decide on embryo donation after this interview, an evaluation of recipient couple will be done.

After screening tests realized for recipient female till embryo transfer process, medication to be used for female in preparation stage and ultrasound observations will be realized. Date of embryo transfer will be determined in accordance with medical observations of recipient, and will be notified to recipient couple.

With embryo transfer, even if the baby genetically will not belong to the couple, female can feel a pregnancy emotion and offers the nicest feeling of giving a birth and breastfeeding a baby that every woman will desire.

Who would be suitable for embryo donation?

If the couple has fertility problems.

Embryo Donation for Woman

  • having an uterus but going through premature menopause,
  • in menopause,
  • her eggs were taken due to any reason,
  • her egg activity is lost due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy,
  • less egg count and poor egg quality,
  • frequently having miscarriage,
  • has a genetic disease and has the risk to infect this disease to the baby,

Embryo Donation for Man

Applied to men who do not have a sperm in his semen (azoospermic). Before embryo donation, there are other options to be done for men having this situation. These are;

  • – PESA (searching sperm within scrotum by a thin needle)
  • – PTSA (searching sperm from a particle obtained from various parts of testicle)
  • – TESE (searching sperm from various parts of testicle with open surgery)

Sperm can be found in approximately 60 percent of patients. If any sperm could not be found, embryo donation will be applied for men having this situation.

Couples having genetic disease and risk of infecting the baby:

Couples having diseases such as;

  • ” Huntington’s chorea
  • ” Haemophilia
  • ” Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy
  • ” Couples having repetitive miscarriages related to chromosomal abnormalities can apply for embryo donation

* Note: Sperm donation, embryo donation and egg donation treatments are forbidden by law for citizens of Turkish Republic




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