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3 June 2016

Sperm Donation TherapyWe suggest that you should contact us 2 months before the date you want the therapy. The steps that will be applied on Sperm Donation Therapy are performed respectively as indicated below. The therapy period for expectant mother initiates with the usage of injections that promotes the ovum, and the monitorization of that period is conducted by ultrasound controls. There is no need to be in our center for these checks, it is possible to handle these procedures in current city. The injection usage period of the expectant mother lasts for 15 days. After the end of the usage period of that medication, expectant mother should come to our center for harvesting the ovum. It’s not necessary to have the expecta

30 December 2014
Medical ivf Dictionary

Bu sayfada tüp bebek terimler sözlüğü yani tüp bebek için kullanılan tıbbi kelimeleri ve detaylı açıklamalarını öğrenebilirsiniz.

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20 December 2014
ivf treatment durations

Tüp bebek tedavilerinde tedavi süreleri ne kadar sürer ?

28 November 2014
Embryo glue

Embryo glue, embriyo transferi sırasında kullanılan yeni bir kültür ortamıdır.

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25 October 2014
Azoospermia treatment

Azospermi menide hiç sperm görülememe durumuna denir.

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5 October 2014
Tesa , Tese and Micro Tese

Tesa ve Tese spermi taşıyan kanallarda tıkanıklık veya testislerdeki sperm yapımı bozukluğuna bağlı olarak ortaya çıkar.

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26 September 2014
insemination (IUI) Method

Aşılama (IUI) tedavisi, kadında dışarıdan verilen ilaçlar yardımı ile yumurtlama sağlandıktan sonra, hızlı hareketli spermlerin rahim ağzından geçirilerek rahim içerisine bırakılmasıdır.

26 September 2014
Premature Birth

Premature Birth

If the baby is born between the 20th and 37th weeks of pregnancy, when the baby is not fully developed yet, this is called premature birth. Labour pains before the 37thweek of pregnancy are also stated as threats for premature birth. About 10% of all new born babies are hasty. They are called premature babies. The most important complication for premature babies is that they face breathing problems due to underdevelopment of their lungs. Additionally, the earlier the birth takes place the higher the chances of risk regarding possible issues regarding the central nervous system. Prematurity is the most common cause of death regarding new born babies.

The risk decreases with each passing week of pregnancy. In recent years, there have been immense improvements in premature baby treatments and even very early premature babies have more chances of surviving. However, regarding some specific conditions in our country, premature birth still poses some pro

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18 September 2014
Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser assisted hatching

In infertility treatment, although embryo (fetus) can develop, couples cannot have pregnancies. Not having any pregnancy despite fertilization is usually due to the fact that problems are encountered during when embryo is placed/attached into the womb. A variety of incidents happen when the embryo is placed into the uterus. First of all, the embryo keeps dividing and growing. After it reaches a certain length, it breaches through the membrane it is surrounded by (zona pellucida) and places itself within the intra uterine tissue called endometrium. There it continues to grow. According to research, the main reason for not having any pregnancy is when the embryo cannot breach through this membrane and for this reason cannot attach to the intrauterine wall.

Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser assisted hatching: In

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16 September 2014
Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition During Pregnancy You should have frequent but small servings of meals during pregnancy. You should neither stay hungry for long nor get full up when you eat.

Eating Well During Pregnancy

Make sure you consume fresh food. Try to consume fresh and natural food instead of canned foods and food containing preservatives. Eat a variety of foods. That way, your body will receive as many different vitamins and minerals as possible. Instrad of consuming too fatty, sweet, spicy and calorie rich foods, try to eat food that is rich in protein and carbohydrate and low in fat. Remember that it is not the weight you gain which is important but the proper and sufficient nutrition of the baby inside. Although synthetic multivitamin pills can be used as support for those who cannot have a balanced diet, they can never replace natural food. According to the results of “toxoplasmosis tests”, if your body has never encountered this parasite before, some precautions should be taken. This c

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