Pregnancy Follow Up

11 September 2014
Pregnancy Follow Up

Pregnancy Follow Up

A to Z of Pregnancy Assessment and Observation and Laboratory Tests; Ideally, a woman should see a gynaecologist and have an examination before pregnancy. However, unfortunately, very few women see us, specialists, before pregnancy.

Yet, what needs to be done during pregnancy is listed below on a weekly basis


Pregnancy Follow Up Week by Week

First visit: 6-8 weeks

First of all, pregnancy is diagnosed via ? -HCG or urine pregnancy tests. On their first pregnancy visit candidate mothers go through a check-up.

  • o Ultrasound (preferably transvaginal)
  • o Blood type, Rh
  • o Full blood count
  • o Blood biochemistry
  • o TORCH screen
  • o Full urine test, urine culture – antibiogram (if required)
  • o Cervicovaginal smear test (PAP smear test)
  • o Bleeding profile
  • o Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS (HIV) tests

Second visit: 10-13 weeks

  • o Nuchal Translucency (NT)
  • o I. Trimester screening

Third visit: 16-18 weeks

  • o Ultrasound (anomaly screening)
  • o II. Trimester screening test (Triple Test)
  • o Amniocentesis (if required)

Fourth visit: 22-24 weeks

  • o Ultrasound (anomaly screening)
  • o Cervical culture and fresh tests

Fifth visit: 24-28 weeks

  • o Full blood count
  • o Full urine test
  • o 50 gram glucose tolerance test
  • o 28. Week-Indirect Coombs test (cases with blood mismatch)

Sixth visit: 32 week

  • o General ultrasound scan

Seventh visit: 34 week

  • o General ultrasound scan

Eight visit: 36 week

  • o General ultrasound scan

Ninth visit: 38 week

  • o Ultrasound (biophysics profile if required)
  • o NST (Non-Stress Test)
  • o Doppler ultrasound (if required)
  • o Blood biochemistry, Full blood count, Full urine tests, Hbs Ag, Anti Hbs, HCV, HIV, TORCH tests (if required)
Observation during the 39th – 42nd weeks
  • o Ultrasound (biophysics profile if required)
  • o NST (between 38th and 40th weeks once a week, and then, after the 40th week, every three days)
  • o Vaginal examination (palpation)
  • o The pregnant mother is informed about the symptoms of labour and details are provided about birth.

After the 40th week, it is advisable to evaluate the condition of the mother twice a week until birth. If labour doesn’t start by the 42nd week, the mother should be hospitalized and birth initiated.



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