Labiaplasty Operation and Costs

9 August 2014
Labiaplasty - Labioplasty


Today, women pay attention to their outer look and beauty in all aspects; they do not refrain from surgical procedures which may help them feel more comfortable and content. In recent years, the main purpose, usually, in having a genital cosmetic surgery is to get rid of possible undesired structural deformations due to enlargening of the vaginal area after giving birth and to feel good mentally. For some women, having asymmetrical or large (aka elephant ears) labia minor (inner vaginal lips) by birth, can lead to some psychological and functional issues. In addition to permanent elongated labia minora in the vaginal area, another issue leading to discontent is “Episiotomy” that is a surgical incision during labor. Excessive scar tissue, which develops around the incision area while healing, might prevent both the male and female partners from having satisfaction and it may turn an intercouse into a painful experience for women. Besides, prolapse of the urinary bladder and rectum (the last section of the intestines before the anus) may cause functional problems regarding intercourse and it might lead to pathological conditions such as incontinence. In severe prolapses there might even be “Prolapsus Uteri” (prolapse of the uterus). In additon to all these physical issues, many women are discontent with the anatomical shape of their sexual organ, however, they might find it hard to discuss the issue even with their closest ones.

Regarding this topic, two frequent situations are that the inner lips of the vaginal area called “labium minus” are either larger than regular sizes or they are asymmetrical. Usually the main reason for this is that the genital organs show a morphological deformation prior to puberty. Women having such complaints might be supported psychologically via corrective plastic surgery and their sex life which might have been damaged due to this problem may become healthy and normal again.

All these reasons contributed to plastic surgery become a part of modern gynaecological surgery.
In brief, vulva and vaginal plastic surgery can be related to functional, cosmetic reasons and in some cases both might be possible.

A) Functional Genital Plastic Surgery

In functional genital plastic surgery the main aim is to restore the anatomical positions of the urinary bladder and rectum which might have become slack due to labour or because there is little elasticity in the connective tissue, to clean excessive tissue in the vagina and in the end overcome problems such as incontinence and sexual function problems due to the enlarging of the vagina.

B) Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery

Some specialists consider these as only aesthetic surgeries whereas in some cases they might be done for corrective purposes regarding sexually functional conditions. Vaginoplasty (Firming up/Reconstructing the Vagina)
The vagina might enlarge due to too much intercourse, regular birth(s), gynaecological operations such as c-section.
This enlargement, unfortunately, is permanent and this may lead to problems in sexual intercourse. An enlarged vagina which has also lost its elasticity might lead to dissatisfaction in both the male and female partner since it might not have a firm grip on or squeeze the penis as it should, all of which might, in time, lead to lack of sexual desire.

In cases in which the vagina has lost its elasticity and enlarges or loosens, through a simple plastic surgery operation which will tighten the vagina, both its functionality and aesthetic shape can be reconstructed to a better condition. Tightening the vagina surgically with stitches is called “vaginoplasty”.
Sometimes, surgical operations to tighten the vagina are carried out on women who haven’t given birth or even on single (unmarried) women in order to increase sexual satisfaction. There are many cases such as these in which women go to clinics before marriage.
Surgical operations to tighten the vagina (vaginal wall repair) are among gynaecological operations and they are also known as “colporrhaphy posterior”.

Removing Episiotomy Scars (Scar Tissue)

During natural birth, in order to help the baby pass through the vaginal opening easily, a planned incision is done on the opening of the vagina (the perineum). This is called “episio” or “episiotomy”. When these do not heal properly or due to an unsuccessful stich job, scar tissue might form around the area. Because the incision area doesn’t heal properly, scar tissue may form, which may cause pain during sexual intercourse, lack of sexual drive and dissatisfaction. Besides, a bad looking vagina may lead to lack of self-esteem, shyness towards the partner and refrainment from intercourse. Such scar tissue can be removed and the area reconstructed with a surgical operation that lasts about 30 minutes under local anaesthesia. Stitches which do not cause any reaction are used and the vulvo-vaginal tissue is stitched again cosmetically. During the procedure, vaginal tear due to birth can also be repaired. Also, the procedure of vaginal tightening can be added to the process. After the surgery, the appearance is perfect and it provides benefits to the patient both psychological and functional.


Labiaplasty is the plastic surgery to alter and reconstruct labia minora (inner/vaginal lips). In some women, labia minora (inner lips) can be longer, larger, deformed or asymmetrical structurally. Aesthetically bad looking genital organs affect people’s mental health negatively.

Besides large and long labium (lips) can cause pain during penetration while having sexual intercourse (when the penis enters the vagina) by stretching too much.
Moreover, because of excessive sweat around long and slack inner lips, candida vulvitis (fungus infection around the labium tissue) and bacterial infection are frequently observed. These kinds of infection also cause a bad smell.

In some cases, by birth or after puberty, one lip might be bigger, longer, more swollen or larger than the other. This is called “labial asymmetry” (lip asymmetry). The issue of labial asymmetry, which can cause serious mental problems, can be solved permanently with a simple surgical operation in the hands of a qualified expert. Due to all these reasons mentioned above, labiaplasty might be necessary for its functional and cosmetic benefits. Labiaplasty can be done on women who haven’t given birth yet. It doesn’t pose a problem to a natural birth which might be desired later on. It can also be done on virgins. The hymen is placed about 3-4 cm deeper than the operation area and, thus, it doesn’t pose a threat to the hymen.


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