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Sperm Donation Therapy

3 June 2016

Sperm Donation TherapyWe suggest that you should contact us 2 months before the date you want the therapy. The steps that will be applied on Sperm Donation Therapy are performed respectively as indicated below. The therapy period for expectant mother initiates with the usage of injections that promotes the ovum, and the monitorization of that period is conducted by ultrasound controls. There is no need to be in our center for these checks, it is possible to handle these procedures in current city. The injection usage period of the expectant mother lasts for 15 days. After the end of the usage period of that medication, expectant mother should come to our center for harvesting the ovum. It’s not necessary to have the expectant father in our center in this situation. After harvesting process expectant mother should return on the same day. Also upon request, expectant mother may stay after the harvesting procedure until the day (2 days later) that transfer will occur on Cyprus. Expectant mother should come to our center for transfer procedure 2 days after the ovum harvesting procedure. In this pe

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